Quick Tips To Control Oil & Acne

If you are acne prone, have acne and/or your face looks shiny and slick even after only an hour of doing your makeup, this post is for you! How you take care of your skin prior to makeup is what is going to prevent oil and acne.

1.) Always wash your face twice.

By washing your face twice, you are first washing off your makeup and dirt and the second round you are actually washing your skin. I recommend Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash because it is gentle on the skin and not going to over dry your skin. It also is recommended by dermatologists. I use it on my face.

Exfoliate through the week.

If you can get your hands on a facial cleanser with glycolic acid in it, that is the best for acne prone skin that has enlarged pores and blackheads. I use MD Forte Facial Cleanser 2 which has a little extra glycolic acid in it. Use every other day or every 2 days. This is good for people with a really oily T-zone! If it dries out your cheeks use only on the T-zone. If it dries out your skin a lot, use once a week.

Drinks lots of water, smile more and worry less.

Easier said than done – but drinking more water is going to release more toxins. Smile and stay stress free as much as possible. During your menstrual cycle or right before it stay away from greasy, salty and spicy foods. If you do, drink a lot of water to flush that our of your system. Meditation is good for helping to calm stress or break away from daily life stressors.

Have coconut oil daily.

Put a little teaspoon of Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your coffee every morning. Coconut oil is so good for hair and skin. You will start to notice a difference in your skin after having coconut oil daily. It is part of my morning routine!

Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel on your skin.

This is a MYTH. It is not good for your skin. It will strip away natural oils that your skin needs causing massive oil over-production (which means acne). Stay away! 🙂 Just stay away! 🙂 Instead, find a toner that is recommended for your skin type if you must have one. Otherwise, wash your face and let it breathe and do NOT touch it!

Use oil free makeup products.

Obviously, this is a big one. Check the ingredients. Foundations, powders, etc. that are oil free are going to help acne and obviously oil! Also using a mattifier before foundation is nice.

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips on controlling acne and oil! Follow my blog, add me on twitter, instagram and youtube by clicking the menu links above! Comment below and tell me one of your tips or tricks to keep acne and oil at bay.