Review on Tracy’s Simple Soaps – Homemade Simple Ingredient Soaps*

Happy Saturday Divas!

I am super excited to do this review on Tracy’s Simple Soaps especially since it’s during holiday gift giving season. These are simple ingredient soaps that have been handcrafted straight from the woman who designs the company website herself. I have loved soaps like this ever since I was little. There are a variety of soap scents to choose from on her website at

I love the fact that Tracy went from making soaps for her family as a hobby turning it into a business for herself. She runs her website, facebook and shipping and handling and even has a Soap Of The Month Club. Her customer service is fabulous. Shipping is quick and packaging is well constructed.

I first opened the package which was bubble wrapped to find a few soaps* wrapped in natural brown paper packaging with cute cutout labels for each scent. An ingredient sticker was found on the bottom of the soap.



I love how these soaps are packaged so simply which goes along right into the handmade simplicity theme 🙂


The scents I received were:

Anice (dark marble colored soap)


Country Kitchen (green colored soap)


Goats Milk (almond colored round)


Ocean Breeze (blue green marble)


The scents were fabulous and not overpowering.

— Anice smells like just black licorice. My mom and boyfriend love that one the best!
— Country Kitchen smells like grandma’s kitchen…like apple pie
— Goats Milk pretty much sums the scent up. Very natural and moisturizing scent
— Ocean Breeze smells fresh and clean

The ingredients are so simple with no chemicals!


Washing my hands with the soap I love the fact it gets really sudsy and cleans well. When I rinse there is no greasy feeling. You can barely smell the scent when you rinse but I consider this a good thing for those who might have sensitive skin!

Overall, I love these soaps and will purchase also for friends and family as gifts! These would be great as a gift to anyone and also nice to have next to the kitchen sink and bathroom. What a great addition to a guest bath decor, right?!

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Enjoy your day!



Pinup Red Lips on A Budget!

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Hello My Divas!!!

I was playing around in the makeup section at Walgreens and came to the Wet & Wild collection and decided to grab Wet & Wild Lipliner in Berry Frost and Wet & Wild Lipstick in Cherry Frost (silk finish).

This is the look I came up with. What did I spend? $2.98! If you are wanting a red lip look on a budget I would recommend this duo! It’s bold, vibrant and budget friendly for sure! Make sure to blot!!

2013-11-02 18.28.53

2013-11-02 18.11.46

2013-11-02 18.11.00

2013-11-02 18.08.17-1

2013-11-02 18.25.19

Enjoy your day! xx


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Smokey Daytime Holiday Look for All Eye Colors

Happy Saturday Divas!

I thought I would do a smokey eye look today for all eye colors. This is plum/gold eye look that can be worn during the day or darkened up for night (adding more eyeliner and mascara).

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage


I have green eyes and this look does really well for any eye color at all. Below is what I used. All links and photos will take you to the site where you can purchase.

Of course for the drugstore products, I would go through Walgreens they are having an AMAZING Cyber Week Deal (12/1 – 12/7) 15% off Sitewide w/ code 15CYBER. Don’t miss on this deal, make sure to click the link and enter the promo code 🙂

Here is what I used for my eyes:

I started out with eye primer all over my lid which I love MAC Paints Eye Shadow (Bare Canvas). I literally use my ring finger to blend in really well but leave a little tacky to set my next shadow. This MAC paint is amazing and leaves you with a perfectly bare canvas (literally!). The paint is thick enough that it cancels out any redness or veins. Unfortunately, I have those veins that show on my lids and also have very thin lids. For a more inexpensive route, you can also use any drug store base primer.

For my base all over the lid eye color I use ULTA shadow in Bone. This color matches my fair skin perfectly and is matte… so really gives a great canvas to work with color on. If you’d like to use a more high end product, I would say MAC Brulee is the same color.

I use the middle brush in the Crown Brushes set here – which is a larger packing brush and I love, love, love it!

After I have a good base, I like to go in with the Naked Palette and use Angel, which is the first color of the palette. This is a shimmery pale champagne color. I use this for highlighting my inner corner and brow bone only. It’s good to get a nice highlight going which will help the harsh lines as you apply darker colors. Of course you will go back in later with highlight. Of course you can use a smaller packing brush..or you can use the same brush as listed above. For a more inexpensive shadow you can use Covergirl eyeshadow single in Champagne.

Next I am going to use my MAC Brush – #224 Tapered Blending Brush which is a fluffy blending brush…one of my all time favorites. With this next color you are going to go right above your natural eye crease (if you have hooded eyes like me) and with a windshield wiper motion you are going to go right to left, back and forth – blending, blending, blending just like a windshield wiper 🙂 This creates an airbrushed effect that looks flawless. (For a more dramatic effect use a pencil brush like Smashbox Definer Brush) You are going use the plum color from Almay Intense i-Color Powder Shadow #024 Trio For Greens Eye Shadow.

You can also use a high end product. The color that would be a dupe is MAC Sketch or for a matte color – Embark. I then take what is left on the brush and blend the color from my outer-v and work upward to create a cat eye look. The lines may be harsh but don’t worry – you will go in later and blend, blend, blend my friend!

Of course, use any fluffy brush similar to this to get the look.

Next, I am going to take my MAC Brushes – #242 Shader Brush and pat on the same plum color on the outer part of your lid. You can use any flat brush for this look.

Now I am going to take that same flat brush and pack on my most favorite gold color to the middle of my lid which is Loreal Wear Infinit in Gilded Bronze 825. Pack on really, really well! Just the middle of your lid being careful not to blend with the other colors. (You will create a mud-look if you do!)

Then take with the same packing brush – the top color of that same Almay Trio for Greens as mentioned above. Pack really well. This color will brighten up this inner corner to create the dimension you are wanting for this look.

Taking the fluffy MAC 224 I blend out the harsh lines – blend, blend, blend my friend! Be careful NOT to over blend the colors into each other. Make sure you can see the dimension of the colors still.

Once you have blended really well you are going to back in with your highlight and blend back in the brown bone and inner eye.

Apply eyeshadow and mascara as you prefer and *VOILA* you have created the look! You can tone it down for daytime by just applying liner to the top but not on the bottom and just applying mascara top and bottom. For a nighttime look, go in with your eyeliner on the top, your tightline, your waterline and some on the outer lower eye area. You can also go over the colors again to deepen and refresh the colors. Blend, smudge and you are done!

Let me know if you have any questions on the products I mentioned or technique!

Have a beautiful day!


My Top 5 “Go To” Perfumes

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I love, love perfume! There is, however, five perfumes I have always loved and always will.

#5 Provocative Woman

Provocative Woman

I first found this perfume at Rite Aid during the holidays years ago in a gift box set. I think it was $14.99 or less! I fell in love!

#4 Chanel Chance

Chanel Chance

This perfume was referred to me by a friend. I ran to Macy’s to get it and have loved it since!

#3 Versace Signature Woman


I got a sample of this perfume at Versace in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops. OMG LOVE!

#2 Aqua di Gio

Aqua de Gio

I don’t care if this is mainly for men. It actually is unisex and I love, love, love it!

#1 Viva La Juicy

Viva La Juicy

No matter how “outdated” this perfume is, I will ALWAYS love it!

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Hope you enjoyed! XO! What is your favorite perfume? Comment below! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


Nyx Inexpensive Alternative to Urban Decay Palette

Hi Divas! Happy Saturday!

I wanted to do a quick blog entry on a palette I absolutely LOVE! It can definitely be an inexpensive alternative to the Naked Palette by Urban Decay with a little less colors on it. With this palette you can do so many makeup looks to daytime neutral eye to a dark smoldering smokey eye.

Nyx The Runway Collection – 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette

“Bohemian Rhapsody” – I picked this up on for $10! However I am not seeing it being sold anymore. I am sure you can find it sold on other sites.

The colors are amazing! The bottom 5 colors are matte. The top 5 colors are shimmery/glittery. The specific names for each color are not mentioned on the packaging. The nice thing about it is you can mix the matte and shimmer for ultimate depth and contrast. These colors look amazing and are very pigmented. The colors are packed in the pan very tightly which is FABULOUS! The matte colors can be a little chalky but you can calm them down with some good eye primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or MAC Paint in Bare Canvas.

Top Row: (Shimmer) Left to Right

Glittery Blue: this color is amazing. It is not scrub blue (it’s almost like a heavenly lighter color of periwinkle but classier w/ glitter) – it has the perfect sparkle and will light up ANYONE’S eyes.

Soft Glittery Taupe: this color is similar to SideCar in the Naked Palette. Has beautiful shimmer/sparkle but not heavy.

Soft Brown Shimmer: gorgeous neutral color

Dark Taupe Shimmer: gorgeous color

Soft Copper Shimmer: this is a nice shimmery light copper. Beautiful for any color eyes!

Bottom Row: (Matte) Left to Right

Tan Peach: this color is a mix of matte tan, beige and peach.

Soft Ocre or Brule: this is a bone color or a color to match fair/light skin tones. Perfect as a base from lid to brow. Perfect dupe to MAC Brulee eyeshadow.

Matte Brown: this color is a mix between light and dark brown. Meets right in the middle.

Dark Taupe Grey: this color is a dark smoldering matte color.

Dark Black/Charcoal: very pigmented black.

Packaging is nice. A large mirror lets you utilize this to do eyeshadow on the go or travel. It comes with a sponge applicator (which I hate…but in case of emergency!) The packaging is slim and chic and can fit in your purse perfectly. It is not a heavy palette.

Hope you enjoyed! I recommend this palette and would buy again and again! XO!

2013-11-02 00.28.02

2013-11-02 00.28.14

2013-11-02 00.27.22

2013-11-02 00.27.15

2013-11-02 00.27.08

XO! Until next time, have a diva style weekend! Stay gorgeous!


My Life: 20 Beauty Questions Tag!

Happy Friday divas! Today I am posting the 20 Beauty Questions Tag that is going around YouTube.. unfortunately I do not have my camera yet for my channel – so I decided to blog it! ….and guess what!? TAG, you’re it! Make a comment below and copy/paste the questions, and put your own answers. I am super excited to see what your answers are too!

So…. let’s get started!

1. What is the one product you’d grab if your house was on fire?
  Naked Palette. I LOVE this thing! I had been wanting it for a long time and my wonderful boyfriend actually went into ULTA to get it for me. That alone makes him a keeper 😉 Love you honey!
2. Which beauty vlogger would you want to do your makeover? Kandee Johnson! I love, love, love her! I think she was the first beauty vlogger I saw…she did a beach look tutorial! Love her personality and style.
3. What celeb do people think you look like?
 When I am leaned out people say Brooke Hogan. I also get told I have the smile of Cameron Diaz. I think I just look like ME, ME, ME! 🙂
4. What beauty product do you save for date night? The expensive perfume 🙂 Gotta smell super yummy for a hot date 🙂 HA!
5. Which of your guy friends takes longer than you to get ready? None. I take longest 🙂 HA!

6. If you could create your own miracle beauty product, what would it be? A machine to do your hair just like you walked out of the salon. All you have to do is pick the style you want that day…sit there and let the machine do the magic! That would be SO nice. I don’t mind doing my makeup – but this would be heavenly. I HATE doing my hair.
7. What’s your best beauty tip?Blend blend blend!!!!
8. What beauty products do you love to splurge on?Highly pigmented eyeshadows. Makeup brushes.
9. Which beauty vloggers would you bring on a shopping spree?Kandee Johnson, Sam Schuerman, DailyCupcake, Trisha Paytas, Juicy Tuesday!
10. What is your signature scent?Juicy Couture or Versace for Women  or Chanel Chance (the purely gold bottle).
11. I am on an endless quest for the perfect _________.Lipstick!
12. How many beauty products does it take to get you ready? 11 items in the shower. 16 face and makeup items. 5 hair items! Holy Cow! More or less depending on the day.

13. What lipstick/lip gloss is in your purse right now? SmashBox in Champagne. Anything with the word Champagne in it….I LOVE!
14. Who is your celebrity beauty icon? Nancy O’Dell. I LOVE her. Her looks are timeless, always classy and chic. I also like Charlize Theron.

15. Name the beauty brand you’d most love to be a spokesperson for? Urban Decay.
16. What’s your current nail polish? Clear gloss….knockoff brand of something. HA! Borrrring!
17. Fave mascara right now? Covergirl lengthening in the yellow tube! in Blackest Black. It’s not my fave but what I have been using!
18. The last thing you bought at Sephora? Juicy Couture perfume.
19. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. A bra! I don’t try…..I do!!!!!!

20. What’s one beauty product you’d always recommend? It’s a 10! Leave in hair conditioner. AMAZING especially for blondes! OMG! LOVE LOVE!!!


Hope you enjoyed! Leave your question and answers below. Can’t wait to read them!
XO! jenndiva

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation Review

Hello Divas!

Okay…….FINALLY! I decided to do a blog post on one of the few drugstore items I recently purchased. If you know me, you know I am a FAN of higher end makeup products. If you have known me awhile, you know I have used MAC Studio Fix foundation in C3 for a VERY long time. Yes, big fan! If you have questions about it, let me know. Anyway, maybe a year ago I was like “Ok…I am tired of spending this much on foundation….I’m going to Fred Meyer to see what I can find…” Found something (cannot even remember what it was), tried it…hated it…. and went back to my FAVE product…MAC of course.

Moving on…. I ran out of my MAC foundation last week and decided to try drugstore. This was a HUGE step divas! The last time I bought drugstore makeup foundations was back in high school. (and that one time I decided to branch out over a year ago…which made me run back to Nordstrom – is that making me sound like snob?! HA!)

::: drum roll ::: Here is the item I am reviewing today:

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. $10.99 Fred Meyer (is sold at any major drugstore)


Okay… so I am not 110% sure on this one. I am currently using this as my daily foundation (Color 810 Classic Ivory) and it’s been 5 days so far. What I can tell you about this product is….. I have VERY oily skin in my T-zone. Larger pores near my nose get oily most the time too. This foundation has kept me matte for most all the day. I have found that I need to blot throughout the day…but for the most part it’s done a good job. When I look at my skin at the very end of the day before washing my face…even before bed… I find my skin still looks pretty darn good!!

When you first apply, it doesn’t feel tacky like some of the other liquid foundations out there. It sets pretty well without a powder too. But, since I am oily I have to press powder and set! Since I have not purchased my beauty blender I am for now applying this foundation with my fingers (eeeeek! hate admitting that one!) It is very hard to go from using a powder type of foundation to a liquid foundation.

The foundation also dries fairly quickly but gives you time to blend, blend, blend! It also looks nice in the light. I have not tried to photograph it at night yet with flash. It also doesn’t transfer easy!

This foundation claims to have lasting power of a primer, coverage of a concealer and blendability of foundation in one… and I happen to agree. It covers well and has a nice velvety smooth feel as if I had applied primer. (not as silicon”ey” though). Don’t get me wrong, not bashing silicon”ey”.. I LOVE silicon”ey” primers like MAC Prep and Prime…. Okkkk enough about MAC, MAC, MAC! But you know me, ha! It does conceal my under eyes pretty well. I have a purple color in my inner eye corners where it meets my nose and it happens to cover pretty well there. Not totally…but this foundation is BUILDABLE! 🙂 Wahoo! The first layer covers well… I can definitely work with 1 layer (1.5 pumps for me) but I like to apply a small extra layer to my “mid face” just because I have more redness there.

It has SPF 20 too which is **always**good! So, don’t get me wrong. I will do a followup of my thoughts on this product. I am still playing around with other products with it and I will let you know. I think my skin is adjusting to it, that’s why I am not 110% yet.. so I will keep you posted. Don’t you worry your pretty little head off. (PS- I am also setting this foundation with the next product I am reviewing….)

The only real con I have about it is that it smudges off around the bottom of my nostrils.. but that is a given, being that I am oily there. Darn oily skin!!! Ugh!!!

Here is the main reason I love this foundation so far: It does NOT oxidize on my skin and turn orange. All my life I have struggled with foundation oxidizing and turning orange on my skin…this product doesn’t oxidize on me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! Here’s a *Did you know fact*: In high school I wore Maybelline Shine Free foundation and it oxidized on my skin. In high school I was told if someone put an orange up to my face….we would match! Kids are so mean, huh!?!? LOL! But unfortunately, it was true! Ha!

Hoping this helps you if you are looking to buy a good foundation from the drugstore. This would be at the top of my list!

Get this product here: