I Was Tagged! A Christmas TAG!

Happy Thursday Divas!

Today, I was tagged by the fabulous Abbigayle Warner from stealystylist.com to do this Christmas tag. I was excited to do this tag as I had my mind on 5,678,212 other things that I didn’t even think to do a TAG recently πŸ™‚ Duuuuuhhhh…

Enjoy some Q and A right here:

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I recently watched a movie I hadn’t seen before – and as of right now I would have to say Love Actually. But of course would have to say National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, It’s A Wonderful Life, E.L.F and Home Alone. Of course not in any particular order as I just love all Christmas movies.

Do you stay in your PJ’s or dress up for Christmas?

Depends on where I am going πŸ™‚ In my intermediate family we can be as casual in PJ’s or whatever.. I like to get dressed up when we go to a big family Christmas. But with Jeremy’s family we wear PJ’s in the morning and you can get ready if you want. This year I might stay in jammies all day since it will be a small Christmas this year πŸ™‚ HA! I usually do half and half…. jammies the first half of the day – get ready later (if I want).

Do you and your family open gifts on Christmas eve or on Christmas day?

Christmas Day!!! πŸ™‚ Jeremy and I will always have a stocking put out at midnight of Christmas Eve/Christmas. As a kid we would open one gift on Christmas Eve though but it was always the one that wasn’t “as good”. πŸ™‚ When I have kids it will be that way too, for fun! For now, I can wait until Christmas Day! πŸ™‚

Favorite Holiday song?

I don’t really have a favorite Christmas song…but I have always liked Mariah Carey’s Holiday CD’s. LOL! I just like Christmas music in general which puts me in a festive mood. Oh, also Michael Buble..

Favorite Christmas meal or treat?

My favorite treat is Christmas Fudge!!!!! AAAAAH, so good! I also love, love, love honey baked spiral cut ham. I look forward to Christmas breakfast though πŸ™‚ French toast always is yummy for that.

What happens on a typical Christmas eve night in your house?

Wrapping presents and last minute shopping out of the house, LOL! πŸ™‚ Then figuring out planning for Christmas Day – what I will wear, etc.

Does it snow where you live?

Barely – in Portland, Oregon we barely get snow and if we get some flakes it is “WINTER STORM (ENTER CURRENT YEAR HERE!)” Hahaha. A few years ago there was a bad blizzard that kept everyone in their homes for about a week! I remember I had to go get some final gifts and got stuck in the show in my car!

Is your Christmas tree real or a fake?

Always real – still have not put one up πŸ™‚

I tag: Sam Schuerman, The Makeup Squid, Shades of Kassie, Just Sands World, Bailey Beauty, Nikki Phillippi, Trisha Paytas, BeautyinBeta and BeautyLifeMichelle.

Thank you for reading my tag!! πŸ™‚ Be sure to mention me if I tagged you! πŸ™‚ Comment below on what your favorite Christmas movie and treat is! I look forward to reading your answers.


Review on SteamCream – All In One Natural Moisturizer*

Hello Divas and Happy Tuesday!

Today’s review is on SteamCream All in One Natural Moisturizer. This is the first product that I have used from the UK! (Well…that I know of anyway!)

2013-12-10 13.03.30

The Product: This is an all over body moisturizer that is handmade in the UK and Japan. The website claims “It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down instantly and revives your skin straight away. It makes your skin simply the best it can be, naturally.” (credit: http://www.steamcream.com) It also says it is suitable for all skin types.

2013-12-10 09.22.03

2013-12-10 13.02.49

2013-12-10 13.03.30

The Cost: It sells for $20.00 a tin with worldwide free shipping on their site www.steamcream.com

The Packaging: The tin is round a little over 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. It comes in a tin container that screws on. (Don’t pull off the top you will lose 1/2 the product by spilling it all over…..so be patient and screw the top off, not try to pull it off like I did, HA!) The sticker on the tin says it was 2010 Beauty Insiders Choice Award Winner. STEAMCREAM is embedded around the top of the tin. The particular tin I got was the “Thalia” Limited Edition as you can see pictured here.

The Shipping: Shipping was FAST! I am on the West Coast, USA and shipped from the UK only took about a week.

2013-12-10 09.23.21

My Thoughts: This product is actually quite amazing and what the website says is true. It smells refreshing and “icy” (hence the name steamcream) I think this is because of the hints of lavender/almond scent (yum!!). I can see myself using this after skiiing and being in the cold or after sun tanning on a hot summer day. It feels SO good on my skin and it sinks in without feeling oily and greasy. I massaged some into my hands at 9am this morning…it is now 8pm and my hands feel so good and smooth still! The ingredients range from oatmeal infusion, orange flower water, almond oil, cocoa butter, lavender oil, jojoba oil and other essential oils. I love, love, love this cream! I keep reapplying because I cannot beleive how moisturized I feel with it on my skin! To be honest – this cream is better than any I have tried! (especially drug store like Jergens, Nivea even!)

2013-12-10 13.02.49

2013-12-10 09.22.20

I will definitely be purchasing the designer tins for the different seasons of the year. I really love this product!*

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Have a FABULOUS week! XO!


Ebates Cyber Monday #2! Hot Deals! Starts at Midnight Tonight!

Happy Sunday my Divas!

Ebates.com is a 100% legit site where you get cashback for shopping online at your favorite sites through ebates. The cash back deals are amazing and the savings adds up quick. Plus you get additional savings like 25% off by using ebates instead of going directly to the merchant website. (Free shipping, etc.) This is perfect for shopping for the holidays especially if you didn’t participate in the original Cyber Monday!

Tonight at midnight starts the Cyber Monday #2 Hot Deals on ebates.com!!! Double cash back on most every store! Signing up is free and you get paid for shopping! Signing up gives you an initial free bonus as well.

Make sure to visit Ebates.com through my link here and get an additional bonus for signing up.

Remember, sign up is 100% free. I know I will never do my online shopping through regular sites now! now!

Here is a sneak peek on some of the deals you can get tonight at midnight through Monday night ONLY!

-Groupon 4.6% cashback (this is awesome if you use Groupon a lot! Never order through the regular site again!)
-The Body Shop 10% cashback (super hot deal!)
-Lancome 10% cashback
-BH Cosmetics 7.5% cashback
-Amazon 8% cashback
-Macys 6% cashback PUS 25% everything
-Nars 5% cashback
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-Walgreens 8% cashback
-Bath & Body Works 2% cashback
-Bobbi Brown 6% cashback
-FragranceNet.com 6% cashback
-Glossybox $2.75 off
-Giorgio Armani Beauty 4% cashback
-GNC 5% cashback
-Julep 4% cashback
-Murad Skincare 11% cashback
-NoMoreRack.com 3.5% cashback (this site is already amazing at discounts up to 75% off)
-Nordstrom 5% cashback
-Petsmart 5% cashback (I’m starting to order Samson’s dog food online before running out so I get the cashback!)
-Petco 6% cashback
-Puritan’s Pride 5% (choose from all different vitamins at a much lower price for double the quantity! I order my daily vitamins, fish oil, biotin and probiotics through this site)
-Proactiv 30% cashback
-Smashbox 4%

These are only a FEW of the deals that will be happening. Pretty much any store you shop at online or in store is here on

Have fun shopping and know you’re getting paid to do it!!


Review on Tracy’s Simple Soaps – Homemade Simple Ingredient Soaps*

Happy Saturday Divas!

I am super excited to do this review on Tracy’s Simple Soaps especially since it’s during holiday gift giving season. These are simple ingredient soaps that have been handcrafted straight from the woman who designs the company website herself. I have loved soaps like this ever since I was little. There are a variety of soap scents to choose from on her website at http://tracyssimplesoaps.com/

I love the fact that Tracy went from making soaps for her family as a hobby turning it into a business for herself. She runs her website, facebook and shipping and handling and even has a Soap Of The Month Club. Her customer service is fabulous. Shipping is quick and packaging is well constructed.

I first opened the package which was bubble wrapped to find a few soaps* wrapped in natural brown paper packaging with cute cutout labels for each scent. An ingredient sticker was found on the bottom of the soap.



I love how these soaps are packaged so simply which goes along right into the handmade simplicity theme πŸ™‚


The scents I received were:

Anice (dark marble colored soap)


Country Kitchen (green colored soap)


Goats Milk (almond colored round)


Ocean Breeze (blue green marble)


The scents were fabulous and not overpowering.

— Anice smells like just black licorice. My mom and boyfriend love that one the best!
— Country Kitchen smells like grandma’s kitchen…like apple pie
— Goats Milk pretty much sums the scent up. Very natural and moisturizing scent
— Ocean Breeze smells fresh and clean

The ingredients are so simple with no chemicals!


Washing my hands with the soap I love the fact it gets really sudsy and cleans well. When I rinse there is no greasy feeling. You can barely smell the scent when you rinse but I consider this a good thing for those who might have sensitive skin!

Overall, I love these soaps and will purchase also for friends and family as gifts! These would be great as a gift to anyone and also nice to have next to the kitchen sink and bathroom. What a great addition to a guest bath decor, right?!

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When you visit http://tracyssimplesoaps.com make sure to enter promo code ‘jenndivamakeup’ to get 15% off your order!

Enjoy your day!


Pinup Red Lips on A Budget!

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Hello My Divas!!!

I was playing around in the makeup section at Walgreens and came to the Wet & Wild collection and decided to grab Wet & Wild Lipliner in Berry Frost and Wet & Wild Lipstick in Cherry Frost (silk finish).

This is the look I came up with. What did I spend? $2.98! If you are wanting a red lip look on a budget I would recommend this duo! It’s bold, vibrant and budget friendly for sure! Make sure to blot!!

2013-11-02 18.28.53

2013-11-02 18.11.46

2013-11-02 18.11.00

2013-11-02 18.08.17-1

2013-11-02 18.25.19

Enjoy your day! xx


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Smokey Daytime Holiday Look for All Eye Colors

Happy Saturday Divas!

I thought I would do a smokey eye look today for all eye colors. This is plum/gold eye look that can be worn during the day or darkened up for night (adding more eyeliner and mascara).

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage


I have green eyes and this look does really well for any eye color at all. Below is what I used. All links and photos will take you to the site where you can purchase.

Of course for the drugstore products, I would go through Walgreens they are having an AMAZING Cyber Week Deal (12/1 – 12/7) 15% off Sitewide w/ code 15CYBER. Don’t miss on this deal, make sure to click the link and enter the promo code πŸ™‚

Here is what I used for my eyes:

I started out with eye primer all over my lid which I love MAC Paints Eye Shadow (Bare Canvas). I literally use my ring finger to blend in really well but leave a little tacky to set my next shadow. This MAC paint is amazing and leaves you with a perfectly bare canvas (literally!). The paint is thick enough that it cancels out any redness or veins. Unfortunately, I have those veins that show on my lids and also have very thin lids. For a more inexpensive route, you can also use any drug store base primer.

For my base all over the lid eye color I use ULTA shadow in Bone. This color matches my fair skin perfectly and is matte… so really gives a great canvas to work with color on. If you’d like to use a more high end product, I would say MAC Brulee is the same color.

I use the middle brush in the Crown Brushes set here – which is a larger packing brush and I love, love, love it!

After I have a good base, I like to go in with the Naked Palette and use Angel, which is the first color of the palette. This is a shimmery pale champagne color. I use this for highlighting my inner corner and brow bone only. It’s good to get a nice highlight going which will help the harsh lines as you apply darker colors. Of course you will go back in later with highlight. Of course you can use a smaller packing brush..or you can use the same brush as listed above. For a more inexpensive shadow you can use Covergirl eyeshadow single in Champagne.

Next I am going to use my MAC Brush – #224 Tapered Blending Brush which is a fluffy blending brush…one of my all time favorites. With this next color you are going to go right above your natural eye crease (if you have hooded eyes like me) and with a windshield wiper motion you are going to go right to left, back and forth – blending, blending, blending just like a windshield wiper πŸ™‚ This creates an airbrushed effect that looks flawless. (For a more dramatic effect use a pencil brush like Smashbox Definer Brush) You are going use the plum color from Almay Intense i-Color Powder Shadow #024 Trio For Greens Eye Shadow.

You can also use a high end product. The color that would be a dupe is MAC Sketch or for a matte color – Embark. I then take what is left on the brush and blend the color from my outer-v and work upward to create a cat eye look. The lines may be harsh but don’t worry – you will go in later and blend, blend, blend my friend!

Of course, use any fluffy brush similar to this to get the look.

Next, I am going to take my MAC Brushes – #242 Shader Brush and pat on the same plum color on the outer part of your lid. You can use any flat brush for this look.

Now I am going to take that same flat brush and pack on my most favorite gold color to the middle of my lid which is Loreal Wear Infinit in Gilded Bronze 825. Pack on really, really well! Just the middle of your lid being careful not to blend with the other colors. (You will create a mud-look if you do!)

Then take with the same packing brush – the top color of that same Almay Trio for Greens as mentioned above. Pack really well. This color will brighten up this inner corner to create the dimension you are wanting for this look.

Taking the fluffy MAC 224 I blend out the harsh lines – blend, blend, blend my friend! Be careful NOT to over blend the colors into each other. Make sure you can see the dimension of the colors still.

Once you have blended really well you are going to back in with your highlight and blend back in the brown bone and inner eye.

Apply eyeshadow and mascara as you prefer and *VOILA* you have created the look! You can tone it down for daytime by just applying liner to the top but not on the bottom and just applying mascara top and bottom. For a nighttime look, go in with your eyeliner on the top, your tightline, your waterline and some on the outer lower eye area. You can also go over the colors again to deepen and refresh the colors. Blend, smudge and you are done!

Let me know if you have any questions on the products I mentioned or technique!

Have a beautiful day!